About timap

Timap is a free and interactive tool to explore the world's historical data on maps.

Timap allows you to browse a large choice of historical, geographical and economical data and explore them on a map . The timeline allows you to navigate through time. You can even click on play and sit back and watch the data pass. Whether you are interested in history, geography, journalism, economy, environment..., Timap reveals the global picture and helps you to visualize trends.
Timap aggregates various opendata sources from the World Bank, NOAA, ... and is always searching for fresh data to increase its catalogue !

Here is a quick outlook of the data available in timap.

  • Conflicts and wars events
  • Terrorism acts
  • Natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes)
  • Economical data
  • Environment and climate change,...

Wondering where to begin ?
Start by browsing the list of available datasets. Pick one of them and a date by clicking on the timeline. Then, you can start exploring at will.

Feedback and suggestions are most welcome. If you know of any dataset that could fit within Timap, we'll be happy to add it. Please use the contact form for you suggestions.

Timap is a personal project based on available opendata sources over the internet, and is not responsible of incomplete or inaccurate data. This site is provided "as is". For each dataset, the provider is credited.

Timap is based on Google Maps and user interface makes use of Visjs timeline, jsTree and jQuery.Data come from multiple sources, such as the World Bank Open Data project, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UDCP), the Correlates of War Project .

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